Wear the shoes you love

KK_Butter_InShoe_RedPairWomen who have a love/hate relationship with their sexy shoes. They look so beautiful, but the sexiest heels are often the most painful.

It’s this personal experience and a childhood tragedy that pushed Tina Aldatz to create Foot Petals designer insoles  in 2001.

As a child, Tina walked over hot coals buried just beneath the sand and suffered 3rd degree burns on the soles of her feet. Little did she know this traumatic event would become a life determining moment and the idea behind a multi-million dollar brand.

After years of working in the fashion industry and endless hours of walking in pain, Tina was determined to develop a product that would help her learn to love her shoes again.

In 2001, after extensive research, design and drive, she created Foot Petals, the original designer insoles.

Her creative idea has since revolutionised the footwear industry.

Foot Petals offers an entire collection of solution-oriented products that are not only stylish, but healthy, too. Over 20 unique products, accessories and kits provide women with fashionable, yet invisible solutions to common problems caused by wearing their favourite shoes.

“Designer shoes are a work of art; therefore, Foot Petals are meant to complement the design of shoes, to add rather than take away,” said Tina. “I always like to keep my designs classic, functional and minimal.

“I made insoles feminine, sexy and fashionable.”

Foot Petals shoe cushions are made from PORON Performance Cushioning. PORON repels moisture, bacteria and odour, absorbs shock, and is available in colours that blend with the colour of shoes.

It will never lose its shape and will last the lifetime of the shoe. The company are proud to announce that all Foot Petals cushions have the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

Tina doesn’t believe in sacrificing style for comfort.

“Women can look great and feel great too,” she said.

Foot Petals allow women to customise their shoes for a perfect fit with an insole that offers superior cushioning that will never go flat.

The extensive range of designer insoles will be on show at the next Australian Shoe Fair from 25-27 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

“We hope to gain more distribution via boutique shoe stores throughout Australia,” she said. “Foot Petals has an almost cult following in America and we are aiming to eclipse the sales per capita of America due to the fashion conscious savvy females here in Australia. We know we are better.”

View the Foot Petals range on stand 1632 during Australian Shoe Fair, co-located with Fashion Exposed.

For more information visit,

Register HERE.

WATCH Tina below for her tips on how to prevent blisters:


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