The French have thought of everything!

bagllerina_1Chic and ever-so Parisian, Bagllerina are all about travelling in style and comfort.

Natkin Paris has reinvented this most essential of footwear by creating Bagllerina: an accessory that is timeless and practical, trendy but comfortable. A real “Must Have”.

Bagllerina combines femininity, comfort  and convenience. These beautiful ballet flats are the prettiest and most sophisticated seen so far!

Comprising a fold-up pair of pumps and a handy pouch you can pop them into at any time, Bagllerina is an ingenious new product that you will want to take with you wherever you go.

An amalgam of two words ‘bag’  and  ‘ballerina’, Bagllerina is designed to be feminine, practical, elegant and compact all at the same time. It slips just as easily into your handbag or suitcase or even in your glove compartment.

Great for summer style and for short trips away when hand luggage means you need to only pack what is necessary. They are super comfy and don’t lose their shape once folded up.

Available in a number of ranges, Bagllerina and its pouch are suitable for outdoor wear with styles ‘Daily’, ‘Liberty’, ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘AcquaFeet’ and for indoor wear with ‘Cocoon’.

This 100% leather fold-up pump is handmade, a true mark of quality and has been designed to become every woman’s best friend.

Visit Sigrid Pieper from P I P E R M I C H E L L on stand 2520 during the Australian Shoe Fair from 25-27 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information, visit


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