The best of Brazil

Brazil_Connection_-_AustIt’s not often you come across a footwear company where design, fashion, comfort and beauty meet.

The Brazil Connection treads proudly into this territory with the colour, swing, enthusiasm and vibrancy Brazil is renowned for.

In 2005, Brazil Connection mastermind, Mateus Cema migrated to Australia with his family and officially launched the brand.

Matt’s enthusiasm and passion has been the driving force. He believes that `when put your heart and soul into it, it’ll reflect your work’. For Matt, customer service is paramount; it is the key to a successful business.

His professional experience is vast. He has a Law degree and post-graduate in Marketing at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. He then worked for a few years at Pepsi Cola International as an Operational Manager and after that, he owned and operated a successful wholesale homewares and toys business with his father for over 15 years.

He has kindly offered us a sneak peek at the new `Essence’ winter collection of knee, ankle and short leather boots coming to the Australian Shoe Fair on stand 1118, co-located with Fashion Exposed from August 25-27 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

We took five with Matt to chat further on the story behind the name; the inspiration behind the new `Essence’ collection; and what’s in store for the future.

Can you tell us the story behind the name?

The idea of bringing something that is recognised as a reputable Brazilian product was always on my mind. So Brazil Connection was born in 2005 with a mission to bring the best that Brazil has to offer.

After studying the Australian market and Brazilian products, Brazilian female leather shoes were a natural choice.

Naming the company Brazil Connection, was a way to tell people what we do best, connecting Brazil with Australia and the rest of the world by providing quality goods and services from Brazil. So, that’s where the name Brazil Connection came from.

Brazil_Connection_-_Aust._Shoe_Fair-_ps1Where do you source your inspiration? And how do they drive you and influence your design?

Our greatest source of inspiration comes from the inspiring women who surround us. They know exactly what they want. It also comes from a great dedication from our team here and in Brazil, to the feedback from our friends, family and most importantly, our customers.

The everyday woman drives us to ensure that al the factors of one’s busy, modern day life is covered, allowing the Brazil Connection woman to be herself, effortlessly and with style.

Our collections of Brazilian shoes are customised to the Australian market, whilst keeping the Brazilian touch and flair. The materials (genuine leather), designs and colours are all taken into account to deliver a beautiful, comfortable and quality shoe.

Talk us through the `Essence’ Winter 2014 collection?

‘Essence’, our Winter/2014 collection which launches in July/2013 is a celebration of Australian women, encompassing a modern feeling with the rustic, easy living Australian lifestyle.

Our designers and manufacturers have a very long process, beginning at the drawing board: they have to spot current designs and prints, tailor prototypes, try different things up until the final sketch.

Short, ankle and knee boots in various colours and designs are the highlights of this Winter/2014 collection.

The Brazil Connection range is manufactured in Brazil, why do you choose to manufacture off shore?

Brazil_ConnectionWe have kept Brazil Connection’s mission, which is to bring the best of what Brazil has to offer.

We work very close with the manufactures in Brazil, which means we are able to suggest the design and patterns to bring genuine Brazilian leather shoes to Australia. Besides that, the manufactures are tuned in and inspire us with what is happening around the world, adding to the authentic Brazilian style. All of which plays a defining roll in reaching that desired wearability for our customers, allowing them to get the most out of each shoe they purchase.

You are about to showcase the brand at the Australian Shoe Fair in August, why did you choose this event and what do you hope to gain?

Brazil Connection made its debut at the Australian Shoe Fair that took place in Sydney in March, 2013. We felt the timing was right for Brazil Connection to show up at one of the most important Shoe Fairs in Australia.

Melbourne is the right place for us to present our Winter collection, “Essence,” because of its culture, lifestyle and fashion base.

However, growth is a part of any business and it’s equally important to meet new clients face-to-face at first instance and listen to their feedback. Without their feedback we cannot deliver anything that meets their needs.

What’s in store for the future – where do you see the brand heading?

Brazil Connection will continue to do what it does best, provide beautiful and stylish contemporary shoes to devoted customers.

Overall the market is a bit slow, but opportunities are plenty at the moment, especially for good quality shoes and we always see the future in an optimistic way.

We will definitely make Brazil Connection a well known brand not only in Australia but around the world.

View the Brazil Connection `Essence’ Winter 2014 range on stand 1118 during the Australian Shoe Fair, co-located with Fashion Exposed from 25-27 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information, visit

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