Beauty in the unexpected

2With sports chic still in full swing, the trendy trainer continues on as a shoedrobe must-have.

These casual and unexpected styles from Abisso Milano are sure to keep you in step with the track-inspired look.

It was a chance encounter that brought the two designers behind the brand together.

Luca and Ross kept bumping into eachother in the Valdarno shoe factories, sometimes in their favourite trainers or while checking the latest details with patternmakers.

They started chatting about the shoe business, about new materials or the latest trends and soon enough they realised their personal visions and dreams were very similar.

They shared a love for experimenting, especially with unusual skins combinations, daring bizarre details, mix-and-match leathers, interweaving, fraying and so on.

3But it was their addiction to quality testing and a fondness for the Tuscan traditions and handmade production that brought them together.

Over the years, Luca had acquired experience in Italian shoemaking and still works with many of the top international brands produced in Tuscany.

Aside from her extensive travelling, Ross has designed or supervised design teams for some of the fashion world’s highest ranking labels.

This is how the Abisso Milano shoe line began and continues on today.

View the exciting Abisso collection on stand 1326 during the Australian Shoe Fair, co-located with Fashion Exposed from 25-27 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information, visit

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