Fitting application takes the guesswork out of shoe shopping

via powerretail.com

Shoefitr-Application-2-366x222When it comes to purchasing new footwear, traditionally, trying them on has always been a crucial part of the process.

But in recent years, as e-commerce continues to soar in popularity, online footwear retailers have struggled to provide a working solution. Until now, the only solution has been to offer a solid, no-fuss refund policy that allows trying on at home and returning if it doesn’t fit properly.

Not only is this costly, it’s also a very time-consuming exercise for the consumer who is probably better off finding the style in-store locally where they can try and buy immediately.

But that is all about to change with the introduction of fitting application, Shoefitr.

The program uses 3D scanning technology and customer input to offer shoppers the nearest possible experience to trying a shoe on for size.

Differences in sizing between countries, manufacturers and styles can make shopping for shoes online a hit-and-miss affair. Sometimes, even the sharpest product imagery and the most detailed descriptions don’t stack up to the security of trying on a shoe in-store and knowing you’ve found the perfect fit.

That’s why pureplay shoe retailer Shooii plans to introduce Shoefitr – a shoe-fitting system that aims to do away with any doubts during shopping for new shoes – when it launches its online retail site.

The application uses 3D scanning technology to provide measurements of the shoe in question, and matches this with the size and model of the shoe worn by the shopper. It then compares the measurements of the shoe the shopper is wearing to the pair they want to buy and recommends the correct size.
To read more, visit powerretail.com.au

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