Creeping up on style

kristen-stewart-v-magazine-10Following collaborations with Thierry Mugler, b Store, Ashish and Sibling in recent seasons, you would be forgiven for thinking that there was not much moreUnderground could do to further their reputation as the original creeper brand.  Well, think again!

Having cemented their standing as a British footwear institution and loved by celebrities including Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Jessie J, Underground has emerged as THE footwear of choice internationally and is stocked in over 40 countries including Hong Kong, Japan,  USA and now Australia and New Zealand.

Implementing their ‘Never Known’ Campaign that was launched recently and styled by Caroline Newell i-D fashion editor,  projects the same brand ethos, focusing on the culture of the brand in a contemporary setting

Inspired by the ferocity of punk and founded in its febrile aftermath, Underground’s original creepers were first worn by new romantics, goths and new wavers in Camden, North London, during the late 1980s

SH_Underground_UM_C10LX_WHT_523_B-830x415Underground has been adopted by designers at the bleeding edge of couture fashion, whose collections have been inspired by the company’s uncompromising style.

This relationship has led to collaborations between Underground and like-minded fashion houses.

As movements and subcultures have splintered and cross-pollinated with increasing speed, Underground has moved with the times while remaining a touchstone with those for whom style is synonymous with intelligence, independence and a rebellious spirit.

To view the range, contact Kingdom Come Fashion Agency, visit


Image: Kristen Stewart in V Magazine Jan, 2013; Undergound website


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