VM EXPOSED: Attract, Engage & Motivate Sales

christian_louboutinThe face of Australian retail is changing. In fact, it’s not just us. It’s a global retail phenomenon. The integration of online, both e-comm and m-comm with shoppers getting social, there’s so much more to being a retailer today than ever before.

But one traditional, tried and tested tool is visual merchandising. In this digital age, VM is being called upon to re-invigorate the in-store space and attract the online consumer back to bricks-and-mortar.

No longer just a simple window display, VM is a completely physical and personal experience and one that’s super difficult to replicate online. It’s the one place consumers can touch, feel, and see the merchandise up close. And it doesn’t need to cost the earth either. Exciting VM is possible on a budget.

Megan Tregilgas crafts in-store ‘experiences’ for the modern retailer under Visual Metier. She creates inventive and eye catching windows for some of Australia’s most prominent retailers.

Megan was a key speaker at the recent Australian Shoe Fair Business Seminar in Sydney. Megan shared her personal VM insights and tips to entice customers and guests during all seasons and occasions.

We had a quick chat with Megan at the show on why VM is so crucial; what are the key principles of good VM design; and simple tips and tricks we can implement in-store now.

Megan’s top tips;

1. Know your brand – Ensure you and your team understand the brand and it’s message and Visual Merchandising will come easily.

2. Plan – Planning your windows and store layouts in advance will allow you to put together a marketing calendar and make the most of seasonal events.

3. Educate and motivate you team so they are confident in changing displays to maximise sales

4. Customer Service – Visual Merchandising is good customer service. Clean well laid out stores, clear signage and pleasant looking accessorised displays all act as silent salespeople. Not only is it effective, but it can be cheap! Present your merchandise in a pleasing way and customers will be more tempted to spend.

5. VM 101 – Less is more – keep displays simple. Find a system that works. Use odd numbers opposed to evens. Even numbers cause symmetry which causes the eye to stop and not take in the whole picture. Repetition using identical elements repeatedly creates a powerful display.

6. Texture – Contrasting materials and interesting props stimulate your display into life. Attention to detail is key.


You can read our in-depth interview with Megan at EXPOSED Online, visit fashionexposedonline.com.au

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