How to Wear Gladiator Sandals

Written by Jackie Thompson of Fashionably Larger Shoes

There are different types of gladiator sandals; some with just a few straps that finish at the ankle, some that have many straps, and some that finish mid-calf.  Unless you’re a supermodel, you need to think about the shape of your feet and lower legs.

If you have wide calves then heeled gladiator sandals would work well for you, but avoid ones that have straps around or above the ankle. Straps that go straight across the foot can make the foot appear wider than it is – this is great if you have long thin feet, but if your feet are wide, you would look better with diagonal straps that will make the foot appear slimmer.

Once you’ve discovered which type of gladiator sandal suits you best you can pretty much wear them with anything – just make sure your feet are in tip top condition with perfectly painted toenails and no cracked heels!

Glam it up!

Gladiator sandals aren’t just for daywear! Pair gladiator sandals with your favourite party dress for a more relaxed (and comfortable) look this spring and summer. This season you’ll see gladiator sandals in all hues and finishes, from crocodile skin to leather, neon to metallic, all this makes them extremely versatile to dress up in on a Friday night.

Skirts and shorts
As with many types of flat shoes, gladiator sandals should be worn with skirts that either finish above the knee or at the ankle – anything that finishes in between will make your legs look strange and cut off. For boho chic, match your gladiator sandals with maxi skirts and dresses and lots of jewellery. If you’ve got great legs then flaunt them in mini-skirts or denim shorts paired with a simple t-shirt or vest.

Jeans and Leggings

Skinny jeans and leggings are good friends with gladiator sandals; a casual look that is a step up from thongs. Mix it up a bit this year and wear brightly coloured gladiator sandals or shimmer in metallic.

Because gladiator sandals look great with trousers that fit close to the ankle, they will work with this season’s chinos. For an effortless and timeless look, grab a pair of wide legged jersey or linen trousers, your favourite top and a pair of gladiator sandals

When in Rome…
Simple tunics and gladiator sandals have been worn since BC, the reason being-it works! An easy, comfortable style that is perfect for warmer days.
To read more, visit fashionablylargershoes.com


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