Racewear in style…

Images via Pinterest

And we’re off… the Spring racing season will be in full swing for tomorrow’s Derby Day with elegant looking ladies lined up trackside in their hats and fascinators.

In a recent interview with Kate Waterhouse, Nerida Winter revealed the key looks for millinery this Spring is sculptural headpieces, similar to what’s been happening in fashion, lace and netting are also popular with straw hats.

The big no no for Spring is felt, as this is for the autumn/winter racing according to Ms Winter. For more advice, watch the interview at smh.com.au

We are particularly in love with the beautiful butterfly head piece below courtesy of Giambattista Couture.

When it comes to race day fashion, always remember appropriate hemlines ladies. And given the temperamental weather in Melbourne lately, it might be wise to invest in a cropped bolero or fur stole. Those winds are nasty, especially at the track.

Or go for a vintage look that’s timeless and forever classic. Isn’t she just stunning…

But in more important news, who will you be backing on the day? All tips are welcome, comment below or hit us up on Facebook.

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