From beach to bar in one stylish step

moxWhen the weather heats up, style cools down and our attention quickly turns to sun drenched days by the beach over the summer holidays. But it also kicks off our endless search for practical yet stylish footwear that can withstand the surf, sand and heat, but also take us to the bar or restaurant without letting us down in the style stakes.

Thankfully that search has ended with Mox. The proudly owned and run Australian business, Mox is the brainchild of young Australian mumprenuer, Velysia Mock, from where the name Mox is derived.

The inspiration for Mox grew from a North Coast Australian holiday and a strong desire to create an `unrestricted seamless accessory’. The Mox string woven pattern symbolises the modern fun loving woman who craves an effortless transition from pool to beach to shops, boardwalk to café. In Mox designs, she can cruise between all of these destinations with confidence, even when her destination may be unknown due to their go-anywhere look and style.

But their strongest design feature is the material. Made to look and feel like rubber flip-flops, rather than a traditional plastic shoe, Mox are made from 100% man made rubber, are waterproof and fully submersible.

Mox has been designed for all day stylish and versatile comfort and make for the perfect holiday accessory. Mox shoes are sold in 100% cotton, biodegradable string bags rather than traditional shoeboxes to minimise waste.

In the future Mox plans to produce a full size range from children’s through to young girls and larger ladies sizes.

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