Style starts from the ground up this season

accessories_1It’s a known fact that most girls love shoes and are always looking for something to make them stand out from the crowd. Well, look no further…Girls will fall head over heels (pun intended!) in love with Wendy & Holly Shoes elegant shoe jewellery.

You can’t put a foot wrong with this sophisticated shoe accessory. The Wendy & Holly shoe jewellery is a unique way to add pizazz to your shoe collection.

It’s never been easier to make a fashion statement in the office, at the mall, out for dinner or even on the beach…transform one pair of shoes in an instant into a number of looks of your choice.

One shoe can fit many occasions thanks to Wendy & Holly Shoes’ stylish shoe jewellery.

How does it work? Simply choose your preferred shoe colour from the Wendy & Holly Lee style, then accessorise your shoes with one of eight hand-made shoe clips. It’s that simple!

You can’t put a foot wrong with these uber stylish Wendy & Holly Shoes clips.

accessories_2Alternatively, why not design your own shoes? Choose from a range of permanent, ultra chic designer shoe jewellery to compliment and change the style of the Wendy & Holly Lee style (Available from 1st October).

Spice up a pair of shoes with a choice of seven hand-finished shoe embellishments that are sure to turn heads this season.

Make the ultimate fashion statement with Wendy & Holly Shoes. A fun, fashionable, comfortable and very affordable shoe that is also recyclable. Wendy & Holly jelly shoes are suitable for anywhere and everywhere. Once you join the jelly revolution, you’ll never look back!

Visit the Wendy & Holly Shoes website to find your nearest stockist or to purchase online.


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