Fiebiger footwear philosophy

AUS_Spring_Summer_2013_Lookbook__2_-12You might be surprised by the notion of ‘make-up for your feet’, but the stylish sisters behind popular Fiebiger footwear believe their heels can accentuate your style and individuality just like the face products can.

We first discussed this concept in Shoe Online last year, but Bianca Fiebiger says the philosophy still holds true today.

“Of course! Whatever it is that started the obsession woman have with shoes is by no means going away,” she says. ” I see feet as the curator to our own private art gallery, and art is be seen and appreciated.
“Personally, I do love seeing how other people style their outfits, it tells a story of what is going on for them today.  I do love that style is something you have, fashion you can get anywhere.
“So I think woman around the world are just like me, and love to see how others express their creativity.  Honestly, the streets are the most amazing gallery you can attend, and footwear is a huge part of that.  We are constantly creating shoes that are expressive, individual and a stand out in the crowd, this will always continue for Fiebiger Shoes.”

Fiebiger initially launched the brand after becoming frustrated by the lack of colourful and stylish heels at an affordable price. This is now Fiebiger’s niche and after much homegrown success, they recently kicked off overseas and haven’t looked back.

AUS_Spring_Summer_2013_Lookbook__2_-14“Our biggest market internationally is now Japan, followed by the US,” says Bianca. “It appears our label really speaks to buyers that are looking for something different at a competitive price point, that really tells a story.
“Our favourite place in the world is Tokyo, so we are certainly thrilled with that development and love that our passion for this place has transposed to girls in our favourite city walking around in our shoes.
“We do a lot of travelling overseas to attend trade shows and see our major buyers, and the one thing that this fortifies is how amazing our Australian designers are. The designs in all aspects of fashion that come out of this country really are amazing, if anything, they are flawed by being a little ahead of their time.”

So what’s in store for the future?

“We have this season branched out very successfully into kids jellies and bags to match our shoes,” she says.  “We were continually asked for both, and the reception has proved tres warm. It is certainly something we will be continuing with in the future.”

For more information or stockist inquiries, visit

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