Like mother like daughter

Molekinha1Just as life should be fun and creative, so should fashion, especially when it comes to children. But while style is part of the fun factor, footwear should also ensure maximum comfort, flexibility and softness for their young growing feet.

Molekinha’s shoes are designed and manufactured with the latest technology and above all with a lot of care. Their extensive range feature all the elements for little girls to live out a unique experience of beauty, charm and comfort.

While the child experiences lightness and softness when wearing the shoes, their mothers get peace of mind that their girls are feeling comfortable as well as graceful. With sweet, childlike prints of little animals and candy, Molekinha builds a magical and colourful universe for kids.

Each pair comes in a gorgeous do-it-yourself theatre-themed box – just cut out the curtains and the characters and you have your own little Molekinha puppet show.

Molekinha3Produced by the market leader of the Brazilian footwear industry, Calcados Beira Rio, which manufactures over 70 million pairs of shoes each year and is responsible for over 8% of all Brazilian footwear production, Molekinha was introduced to the Australian market only a few months ago and then only to a small group of new stockists.

It was officially launched at the recent Australian Shoe Fairwhere it generated quite a lot of interest. Since then it has gone national and now Easy Life Shoes has had so much demand, they’ve had to place extra orders to accommodate everyone.

And for all those young girls who want to be just like their mums, the sister brand, Moleca, produces a range of identical adult shoes – so mums and daughters can share the same experience!

For more information on the Molekinha range, visit

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