Celebrating freedom with M connect

Road_Glove_Dash_2The launch of spring seems to spark an internal trigger in all of us to get healthy and kick start our exercise regimes again. And who wouldn’t want to get outside and make the most of this beautiful weather?

But ensuring you have the right equipment for the job is a top priority. To aid you in this, Merrell has unveiled the second generation of its highly successful Barefoot Collection, the M-Connect Series.

Merrell has taken the features of its Barefoot Running product and extended the range into a full footwear offering, from hiking boots to leisure and lifestyle shoes. With streamlined silhouettes and a glove-like fit, the M-Connect series brings with it a sense of freedom that stimulates the senses by creating a direct connection between the individual and the ground beneath them.

Ted Baldock, General Manager, Merrell said; “The Australian consumer is looking for a more natural, lighter and versatile shoe, which looks good and performs exceptionally well. M-Connect brings them that – no matter what activity they are doing.

Bare_Access_Arc_2__Black“As minimalist and barefoot running continue to stay in the heart of Australians, it made sense for us to take our Barefoot Collection beyond running and trail, and apply this sense of regained freedom to all of our footwear categories.  With M-Connect, our Barefoot range can now add hiking, multi-sport, lifestyle, water and sandals to its existing stellar portfolio.”

The Merrell mission is to inspire the outdoor athlete in everyone through quality, stylish, and durable footwear, apparel, and accessories. Merrell is stocked in Rays Outdoors, The AthletesFoot, David Jones and over 500 quality footwear retailers across Australia.

The M-Connect Series will be in-store in early 2013. For more information on Merrell Shoes, visit


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