Shoes designed from the sole

photo_1“Really and truly you can never have too many pairs; they are all different. You need a pair for every mood – and everyone knows that women have a lot of different moods.” – Anonymous

When it comes to shoes, there really isn’t enough. That’s why Gorge developed three unique categories for their new Winter 2013 collection.

The classic series features woven leather inspired from the catwalks of milan, moving on from the traditional black and brown boot colours to include grey and caramel for their conservative shoe shoppers who still want affordable statement pieces.

The GAGA range is inspired from hers truly, Lady GaGa and her sky high heels. With towering 6 inch heels and front platform, the GAGA is a show stopper in either the green or the brown. We hear GORGE have already had orders coming in think and fast for this covetale heel.

Lego and Chroma are styles unto themselves, designed around the outrageous concept of “if Barbie and Lego women wore heels what would they look like?”

GORGE has also begun to explore a men’s range, but this collection is still in the creative stages and not yet hit production. So stay tuned.

The current SS12 collection is in high demand after showing at the Australian Shoe Fair Melbourne recently and we hear they have had enough requests to reproduce some styles within the collection.

GORGE is slowly building momentum as it continues on its mission towards becoming an iconic Australian label with their 100% leather inner upper and outer, and unforgettable blue soles…. undeniably Gorge!

To view their SS12 range, visit

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