A fashionable fit

P7030223Since 1962, RAMARIM has crafted women’s footwear fusing fashion with fit and comfort to become one of the largest and most famous brands in the Brazilian female footwear segment. After 50 years, they are now industry leaders with products that combine comfort technology with fashion’s latest trends to craft high-quality, beautiful shoes.

Women continually inspire RAMARIM day after day, pair by pair, step by step, as they continue their search for new advancements in technology and design. And the word has spread far and wide across five different continents seeing RAMARIM become the market benchmark when it comes to fashion research, comfort technology and innovation.

Manufactured through patented, unique and certified processesm RAMARIM’s shoes use very light materials, soft leather, flexible foot-beds and slip resistant soles. Each product is the result of large investments, strict quality control and the dedication of every single employee.

P7030178The production of more than 60,000 pairs of shoes a day is divided among its four factories: one in Nova Hartz operating since 1962, two in Jerique and one in Sapiranga. RAMARIM has more than 8,000 direct employees committed to producing shoes that are recognised and distributed all over Brazil and more than 45 countries.

With professionalism and dedication, RAMARIM creates not only shoes but iconic fashion products that are desired all over the world!

View the new RAMARIM range at Easy Life Shoes on stand 1518 during the Australian Shoe Fair from 26-28 August in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. For more information or to register,

For more RAMARIM images, visit Easy Life Shoes on Facebook,

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