Unrivalled comfort, quality and style

Ferracini_adv2Ferracini have been crafting high quality business and casual leather mens shoes in Brazil since 1984. Since then, Ferracini has established itself as a worldwide brand, exported to 45 countries, synonymous with European style and class with modern design and quality raw materials.

Ferracini enevelopes a variety of styles, from casual, business, and sport shoes, but no matter what style, Ferracini shoes have a level of comfort that is unsurpassed in the footwear industry.

Designed and manufactured in Brasil, Ferracini source the highest quality local leather for their range, giving all of their shoes an exceptional finish. Hand crafting and attention to detail all come together to make Ferracini one of the world’s favourite footwear brands.

The Ferracini leather uppers are the raw material which is the essence of the shoe. The leather is tender resistant and absorbs the sweat. All of the leathers are analysed for defects like parasite marks, scratches etc that decrease the quality and classification of the leather and Ferracini only work with leather that obtains the best qualifications with touch, porosity and softness.

Aside from the look of the Ferracini styles, it’s the soles that form the basis of a Ferracini shoe because of their exclusive handcrafted designs using a rubber that is 100% gel, extremely soft and flexible without losing it’s resistance and durability.

Ferracini shoes go through vigorous quality controls and are regularly  sent to the Brazillian technology research institute where they undergo cementing and flexibility tests.

It’s this dedication and commitment to delivering the highest standards in quality and style that has cemented Ferracini’s status as the go-to mens footwear for consumers around the world. Once men have had their first pair of Ferracini shoes, the unrivalled comfort and quality will ensure a loyal Ferracini customer for many years.

Ferracini_adv4They have a solid foundation in Australia of approximately 170 stockists across all states consisting of both shoe stores and menswear stores. It’s here that the Ferracini shoe shines as a vital accesory to the mens fashion in-store. Mens fashion retailers are seeing the benefits of stocking accessories that complement their brands from kuff links, ties, socks, belts and now shoes.

A suit is not complete without the right accessories. If the shopkeeper can persuade the client to at least try on a new pair of Ferracini shoes along with a new outfit, 9 times out of ten, it will be a sale. The look , the comfort and convenience will ensure a certain add on sale.

Together with constant advertising campaigns and instore point of sale material, Ferracini have become a recognised brand not only around the world , but also in Australia. Servicing those discerning clients that search for unrivalled comfort, quality and latest styling, driven by a dedicated sales team, Vago Imports is proud to distribute Ferracini shoes throughout Australia and New Zealand.

See more of the range at the Australian Shoe Fair from 26-28 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. For more information or to register, visit

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