Foldable fashionable flip flops

flip_stylePassing comments from female friends led Ben Lipschitz to notice women’s tendency to torture their feet in heels. From here, the concept of Flipsters was born. With the help of long-time friend and now business partner, Rick Munitz, Flipsters – a foldable range of flip flops and shoes able to fit in any size bag – was established. Today, the duo is exporting their product overseas and is in the process of extending the “Flipsters family” with more designs on the way.

Having only launched in October 2009, Flipsters has seen rapid success in its home market of Australia and around the world.

“In Australia we’re stocked in over 120 retailers, and we also sell in several countries around the world which is so exciting so soon after launching,” says Lipschitz. “We always had the vision of where we wanted to go, but had no idea just how quickly things would happen.”

It took a year of design and preparation before the pair were finally able to launch their Flipsters concept. Taking it one step at a time, Flipsters launched in just one style (the flip flop), and just one colour (black). Just 2 years on they released ten colours in the flip flop and also released a folding ballet flat in seven colours – with more styles and colours in the pipeline.

“As the Creative Director I look very deeply into trends, styles and colours to see what I like – but also as an innovator I look to create entirely new concepts which I think will work for our target market” says Munitz.

-5-2“I come from a product design background, which includes but is not limited to fashion. We definitely aren’t planning on being a one-product business. In fact our goal is to be a leader in innovative women’s accessories on an international scale.”

The pair attribute much of their success to a well-functioning partnership based on a singular vision but applying different skills.

“I focus a lot of time and energy on the product. We believe we have created something truly unique while also being stylish and comfortable, and we want to keep delighting our customers with new innovations” says Munitz. Lipschitz adds “it is great to have Rick focused so deeply on the product, I wouldn’t know how to design a thing but I add my value in selling!”

Lipschitz first came up with the concept of Flipsters when a friend complained of sore feet after a night out.

“It was such an innocent comment, but afterwards I started paying attention to girls walking barefoot out on the town.” says Lipschitz.

“I immediately thought of thongs because it’s an Aussie icon and everyone owns a pair of them – why wouldn’t girls want to carry a folding pair in their bags? I went straight to my friend Rick with the idea and we went from there.”

Flipsters are proudly 100% Australian owned and are now exported around the world including Canada, America, Philippines, Dubai, Singapore and Europe. To view the full range, visit Flipsters on stand 1318 and 1418 during the Australian Shoe Fair co-located with Fashion Exposed from 26-28 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

For more information or to register, visit

Learn more about the Flipsters brand in this fun video;

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