The RISE of high street x designer collaborations

Designers have fought long and hard to maintain credibility and exclusivity of their brands as high street chain stores continue to `interpret’ their high fashion looks to a commercial level. So instead of resisting the inevitable, smart fast footwear fashion giant, Aldo joined forces with them to colaborate on a range that supports, promotes and celebrates daring talent in the fashion community.

Collaborating RISE designers work intimately with ALDO to turn their visions into reality – whether it’s behind-the-scenes to help produce and promote their fashion show or designing the perfect set of heels to strut a runway look. In their own words, `RISE gives designers a leg up through a network of footwear expertise, providing collaborative access to its team of the industry’s leading footwear designers, market mentors and fervent ALDO fans worldwide’.

So in street speak, it’s a space where customers and fashion can come together to influence and inspire one another. Now these RISE collaborations are making their way from the coveted catwalks of fashion week to the streets.

The RISE range recently launched at the Aldo store in Westfield Sydney.

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