Export pioneer for Australian made

Footcare__Insoles_editBarry Kearney has caused a fair amount of buzz in the footwear industry lately. If you haven’t heard already, his company Footcare International has successfully taken one giant step towards a positive future for Australian-made, exporting his locally made products to Asia, Europe and one of the largest footwear retailers in India.

The Australian Shoe Fair regular manufactures, wholesales, imports and exports a comprehensive range of foot comfort and shoe care products from their manufacturing plant and warehouses located in Bayswater, 35kms from Victoria’s capital city, Melbourne.

In Australia, Footcare International sells its products to many of the country’s biggest retailers, including Woolworths, Coles, Big W, Kmart, Payless Shoes, Priceline, Sandler and Windsor Smith. Altogether, Footcare International products are sold in over 3,000 Australian retail outlets.

The export market is an increasingly important sales area with significant potential for further growth. They currently export to the USA, Japan, the Middle East, Turkey, New Zealand, Ireland, and their biggest export market, Asia, where Footcare International products are sold in China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

In a recent article for Footwear News, Barry Kearney states;

“The irony is that at a time when the Australian footwear manufacturing industry is almost dead, not only are we selling more and more Australian made products in Australia against products marketed by multi-national companies and made in China and India, but our biggest export markets are India and China.”

“So we are now selling to the very places that one would expect would be a threat to footwear manufacturers in Australia.”

Founded in 1914,  Footcare International is a family-owned business driven by a simple strategy – `to provide the highest quality foot comfort and shoe care products at the best prices’.

Footcare_editThey are regular visitors to China where they have 13 suppliers and a warehouse in Guangzhou, China’s third largest city. Footcare International also has a quality control agent in Guangzhou who is responsible for container freighting from China to Australia and to their export customers.

Footcare International also recently teamed up with a large Russian manufacturing and distribution company to begin distribution of its products across Russia. The first delivery of products was made in early 2012. In addition to these expanding markets, in April and November 2011, the Footcare International Sales Team visited India which the business sees as an important growth area. It is about to send its first order to India, and is talking to several other major Indian companies about distribution.

With the release of new products, and expanding sales and distribution in Australia and internationally, Footcare International is set to expand rapidly to consolidate its place as a World Market Leader.

See the full range of Footcare International products at the Australian Shoe Fair from 26-28 August at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. To register, visit

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