Style, integrity and soul

White-Sole-HomepageV2There aren’t many brands whose underlying ethos is not only `to do things differently’, but ethically too. From the day Croft began in 2005, they embarked on this challenge and built their Chinese manufacturing workshop from scratch, which is where every Croft shoe is made today. Not one stitch is farmed out, and at the helm is one of the most experienced, passionate and talented craftsmen in the business. That speaks volumes in an industry that has been obsessed with fast fashion. But Croft are turning back the clock and embracing the artisan.

So why is that important? Because the people who make Croft shoes take pride in the product they create. They make sure they’re in control of all the working conditions to ensure they uphold the very highest factory standards, which helps them sleep at night.

The Croft philosophy is all about creating a happy place to work. Teamwork and respect is the heart and soul of their operations, and they believe this comes through in the finished product. So do we.

“In a world where price and commodity can lead to compromised ethics, you can be sure that the only sweat our workers produce is on the basketball or tennis courts.”

But Croft shoes stand for more than just ethically made footwear, they realise that this all means `squat’ if the shoes don’t look and feel good on your feet. And this is where Croft shoes really shine. Their Australian design team travel the world to source the finest leathers and textures, and observe the latest footwear trends. Of course, comfort is never sacrificed to style. It’s reassuring to know that tried and true shoemaking techniques still have a place in our modern world. Because no-one has time for a bad fitting shoe.

Visit Croft footwear at Streetlab on 14 & 15 August at the Australian Technology Park, Sydney. For more information, visit

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