Macro Trend Alert – The High Top Sneaker Wedge

Browsing the various street style sites and runway shows this season we have noticed a strong sport trend emerging or what has now become known as `athletic couture’. The London Olympics has obviously had a heavy influence on this trend merging from the catwalk to the sidewalk and into mainstream fashion, but perhaps one of the more noticeable is the return of the sneaker.

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In giving the look a slightly more feminine vibe, many luxury brands have elevated the heel into a wedge, Chloe have made their wedge heel obvious in the outside design while the popular Isabel Marant `Willow’ high-top, multi-colored suede sneakers have a 3-inch hidden wedge heel and velcro strap details.

In fact, the Isabel Marant sneaker has become so popular, courtesy of the growing celebrity endorsement, they have sparked a cult following despite the non-wallet friendly fee of $600, or more if you try to purchase them on eBay. It’s clear the sneaker is having a moment – would you wear these and pay the luxury price tag?

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Images via Fashion Bomb DailyWe The People;

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