Trendy tots

cheekyNo longer are trends for mummy and daddy only, now babies and toddlers can get their fashion fix too. From fashion to footwear, cute tots are gearing up in the very latest baby couture and it’s a booming business.

We spoke with Lisa Koba, Cheeky Little Soles Creative Director, on how popular adult trends have filtered down to tot level and what the most popular styles are.

How have popular are adult shoe trends with kids footwear? Are most styles for parents available in kids sizes?

The trend of baby shoes has changed over recent years.  Gone are the days where parents dressed their babies in cutsey outfits.  The trend is now a mini version of what mum and dad wear like mini loafers, ballet flats and mini cowboy boots.  Baby shoes are still adorable but in a more grown up way.  Not all adult shoes are practical in a mini version for little feet, so they are changed in design to suit.

What are some of the other popular trends in children’s footwear?

Some of our little sneakers like Scooter, Strike and Pronto Blue are great sellers of ours.  Also our baby ballet slippers are always a hit and a great seller.

When did you launch the cowboy boot for babies? And how popular has it been?

New to our range this season are our leather Cowboy Boots (for both boys and girls), they are soft soled and are truly very cute.  They are selling like hotcakes and we have had many requests to do them in additional colours. Giddy Up!

Features include;
▪ zip fastening
▪ easily slip on and stay on
▪ black padded soles for extra comfort and protection
▪ skid resistant non slip soft soles
▪ hand washable and easy to keep clean

Where else do you sell them? Are they big overseas too?

We currently sell to around 160 retailers throughout Australia and internationally as well.


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