Captains of Industry

RH_2-TimesThere’s something incredibly personal about made-to-order that cannot be mimicked by high street fast fashion. While you might be able to configure a look that’s your own from their mainstream ideals of style, nothing quite speaks `you’ more than a bespoke, handmade piece you will treasure for years to come. It becomes an heirloom, a special item that is adored by many when worn for its attention to detail and respect for the craft. One Melbourne studio aims to capture this aesthetic with their completely handcrafted footwear and leather goods.

From their studio at Captains of Industry, James Roberts and Theo Hassett make bespoke shoes, boots and leathergoods. A pair of Roberts & Hassett bespoke footwear is completely handcrafted in Melbourne to meet their clients every wish.  According to their website, several consultations and fittings are required to ascertain the precise fit and style. Their footwear uppers are all made from naturally tanned Kangaroo leather, known for having the strongest leather fibre structure, is also the most sustainable and the highest performance leather available.

The beauty of their offering is each shoe is an individual pattern designed for every client, with no pattern ever used twice. The leather uppers are also dyed and finished by hand to  produce a completely unique and one-off product of the highest quality. R & H use centuries old traditional shoemaking techniques such as hand-stitched good year welts, hand made linen threads with pigs bristle needles and shanks secured with birch pegs. High quality Australian leathers are used for all the soles, insoles, heels, stiffeners and linings. There is no compromise on quality.

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You can visit their website for more information and imagery. For more on their footwear, visit Roberts & Hassett at and for everything else on their studio including their Barber Shop, head to Captains of Industry at

All images via Roberts & Hassett

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