Footwear in O2 Motion

black_juliusAs the biggest men’s corporate and special occasion footwear brand in Australia, Julius Marlow has developed a stylish collection of high-quality and affordable shoes to leave the modern masculine Aussie feeling reassured, comfortable and confident. Taking inspiration from international trends and combined with the latest shoe technologies, Julius Marlow has been kitting out Australian men for the last 75 years.

Introducing the new Julius Marlow O2 MOTION range. Uniting comfort with style, O2 MOTION is the latest and most exciting technological development in men’s footwear. The range features ultra soft leather shoes that are as comfortable as sports shoes whilst still looking fashionable.

O2 MOTION Technology = O2 + MOTION

JM_STRUT_CARD_ARTWORKO2 is derived from the periodic table standing for Air, which provides the ultimate comfort through shock absorption. MOTION evolves from the modern man being time poor and using one pair of shoes for many purposes – be it running for the train or bus, walking to work or travelling interstate and overseas. The O2 MOTION range features visual air pods in the heel to reduce heel shock and provide stabilising support. Durable rubber surrounds the air pods, providing comfort and durability. The range is designed to be lightweight, flexible and comfortable, providing men with a footwear option that they can wear with confidence for work and play. Julius Marlow Brand Manager Damian Rann said, “The Julius Marlow man is looking for not just comfort and style but also performance so we developed the O2 MOTION range, taking the guess work out of men’s style and creating a range for guys on the go.”

The O2 MOTION range will keep you from the embarrassment of taking off your shoes at the airport. With nylon shanks and non-steel eyelets in every pair of Julius Marlow shoes,
guys can speed through the airport without setting off metal detectors. Once settled onboard shoes can be easily removed thanks to the elastic Gore, perfect for swelling feet on long haul flights. Inspired by this airport friendly feature, each style in the O2 MOTION range has been named after a destination with style names such as Denver and Atlanta. With a shoe that looks this good and feels great, any guy who puts them on won’t want to take them off!


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