British by Design

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Base London is luxury brand for everyman that prides itself on quality, detail, modern craftsmanship and affordability while being stylish, British, progressive and inclusive. Their mission is to deliver design, quality and attention to detail from the catwalk to the high street, and from the privileged to the masses as quickly and affordably as possible.

They worship design, preach quality, and product is their absolute king with attention all in the details. They wish for quality design to be available to all, not just preserved for the rich because good design is not for the few, but the many. Quality knows no colour, creed or salary and detail is not a byword for exclusivity, but in saying that, Base London don’t consider themselves manufacturers or traders, simply craftsmen and designers.

At Base London design isn’t a question of life and death, it is more important than that. As with all obsessions, their attention to detail is all consuming and very unhealthy. As with all addictions, their addiction to quality is 100% genuine.

See the future of British footwear design at Base London on Stand #5128 at the Australian Shoe Fair from 12-14 February.

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