The Sydney Girl teams up with Fashion Exposed

Flaunting their wardrobe wares for an adoring public, adopting trends before they hit the stores, while mixing it up in their signature independent style – it’s definitely a blogger’s life. Away from the trappings of advertiser’s demands, bloggers can publish original content, endorse any product they fall in love with, and write honest reviews. It’s for this reason the world has quickly fallen in love with the blogosphere and it has followers signing up in the millions getting click happy on their favourite style sites.

IMG_9738There is a blogger out there to suit everyone’s taste, style and flair. It’s why Fashion Exposed recently aligned itself with one of Australia’s most popular fashion bloggers, The Sydney Girl for their Sydney 2012 trade show. Joelyne will be tracking the trends, unearthing new brands and capturing the live look books on stage at Fashion Exposed from 12-14 February at the Sydney Exhibition Centre.

Founded by Sydney fashionista, Joelyne The Sydney Girl is an addictive insider’s view on everything fashion, lifestyle and beauty for the style savvy. Over the past year, The Sydney Girl has collaborated with a range of exciting brands including Westfield AustraliaThe Laser Lounge Celebrity Thread.

So we asked Joelyne about her climb to the top of the blogosphere, how she did it, why bloggers are hot property and what she’s looking forward to most at Fashion Exposed next month.

When/how did you start up The Sydney Girl? Why?  

I thought starting up a blog would be a great way to share what I love and interact with people online, as I love online social media.

IMG_9313What is the site philosophy? What are the mantras you write by?

To always write genuinely, aiming to inspire and help others with what I write and feature.

Bloggers are quickly becoming hot property to marketers and PR agencies wanting to tap into their personal social media network – are you surprised by the growing interest in independent sites and bloggers like yourself?

It’s pretty great to be a part of something that’s being recognised for its significance in the industry, and very exciting that there’s a growing interest. When us bloggers like a product or service we try our best to promote it the best we can, which is probably why we are great to work with.

You have hundreds of followers via twitter and Facebook, how important are these fans? How do you keep them engaged and entertained?

The blogging community is based around interacting with people and really getting to know what they like and don’t like, so it’s really important that we engage with our readers. I keep them engaged by asking them questions, and also trying to provide content that would really help them.

What are your thoughts on the Australian fashion industry and its position on a worldwide scale? How do you think our designers compare?

lovers-and-collaborators-2I think the Australian fashion industry is pretty amazing! (Maybe I’m biased). Our designers are consistently coming up with such fresh designs and this makes them International sensations.

You are a media sponsor of Fashion Exposed, why do you think these fashion trade events important for the industry?

It’s important, being in the fashion industry, to continually learn and be inspired by upcoming brands and the more established ones, and see for ourselves in person what they have to offer. Seeing things in a lookbook online doesn’t always give us the real deal. It’s nice to touch and feel the fabrics and look closely at the detail in designs.

What are you looking forward to most at this year’s show?

I’m really looking forward to the Live Look Books!

What are The Sydney Girl’s New Year resolutions for 2012? Where do you hope to see your site by the end of the year?

Learn & Collaborate More: I hope to learn more about the amazing brands out there that I don’t know about yet, then feature their designs in my outfit photos to help showcase Australian Designers with my main audience, which are a mix of Australian and International readers. I also look forward to exciting opportunities for The Sydney Girl to collaborate with new brands on projects. I hope to inspire people all over Australia, so that would mean The Sydney Girl aspiring to being one of the top read Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blogs in Australia. That would be absolutely amazing.

What is your advice to other fashion writer’s out there who are looking to aspire to The Sydney Girl’s status in the fashion industry.

A huge part of The Sydney Girl is the photographs of outfits I wear which feature many Australian Designers, mostly upcoming ones. I style the outfits as I please, and only choose outfits that I feel would suit me and are to my taste. So I try to stay true to myself and seek ways in which my passions and knowledge can help my readers.

See more of Joelyne’s style www.thesydneygirl.com

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