Jewellery from the heart

Astrid_1After working as Vice President in Marketing of the world-renowned Swarovski for 20 years, Walter Pfeifer decided to branch out on his own. In 2001 he launched Crystalp based in Wattens, Austria specialising in the production and trade of high quality fashion jewellery and accessories. Crystalp employs a young in-house design and development team, while also participating locally in an assembly work-based programme where nearby Austrian residents painstakingly set the crystals for each piece before going through a stringent quality control process within the factory itself.

Walter continues to have a strong relationship with Swarovski, givingCrystalp access to new crystal designs which are sometimes ahead of the wider market. Coincidentally, Crystalp now also manufactures items for the Swarovski ‘White Label’ range.

All the Crystalp jewellery is hand made to order . This means that when a retailer in Australia places an order at the beginning of each month, the jewellery pieces are assembled in Austria at the time of ordering and ‘appear’ back in the retailer’s hands approximately three weeks later. Note that all our jewellery components are also not made or sourced in Asia. Findings, chains, etc. are all sourced and made in Europe itself and of course all the crystals are Swarovski, made just down the road from the Crystalp headquarters (literally!!).

Crystalp is a rapidly growing international brand with a large presence throughout Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, China, and of course Australasia. Stand-alone mono brand stores also exist throughout Austria. With the current high prices of both gold and silver, Crystalp Jewellery presents itself as a very attractive alternative to precious metals at a reasonable price point within the marketplace.

And the Crystalp story continues to inspire with the brand being crafted by 15 women in surrounding villages to the Crystalp factory, employed to assemble the jewellery.  One woman, named Dagmar works as a full-time employee for Crystalp in Austria and she supervises all the women in the villages. She coordinates the pick-up and/or deliveries of the jewellery pieces to all the women, as well as coordinates the pick-ups and/or drop-offs of the jewellery once it is completed at the homes. Dagmar also works with (and supervises) a team within the factory who quality control each and every piece that comes back from the women to ensure perfection. Dagmar is responsible for everything concerning these women and their production.

1297.MVICrystalp Jewellery in Austria has a company philosophy of supporting their workers by allowing them to spend as much time as possible with their families. As well as the ladies who assemble for them, there are a number of other employees (in say production and in the storehouse) who also work part-time so they can earn money and yet still spend time looking after their children. This philosophy also filters through to the full-time staff and management as well and is reflected in the fact that everyone takes a minimum of an hours break at lunch time and most go home to have a meal with their families at this time. Every Friday, the HQ/factory shuts down at 12-noon so staff can enjoy a longer weekend with their families. A real work/life balance philosophy is encouraged.

To see the Crystalp collection visit them on Stand 4446 at Fashion Exposed from 12-14 February in the Sydney Exhibition Centre.

To register visit

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