You On A Beach While Your Business Is Still Making MONEY!

According to the media last month the retail sector was looking extremely dire, this month the retail sector is set to soar. The way I look at it is if you are listening and watching the media to determine what is happening within your business then the outcome will be grim. Take what you know and combine it with what you learn and make something great.

Bra_Queen_Headshot Renee Mayne is an Author, Speaker, Business Mentor, TV Presenter renowned for transforming businesses. She is fastly becoming the Number 1 go-to person in the retail sector for business advice for proven results and breakthrough programs.

How to make business come to you

Anyone can start and own a business but it takes someone special to create more then a business but a life they love and a business that is congruent to them. To work from your heart space to heart space and align it with your personal values because once you do that, that is when you achieve true happiness you are operating on a level that most people don’t even understand. To make money is easy to make money and do something you love is creating more then just wealth you are creating prosperity, enlightenment and empowerment. In other words it is crucial that your personal brand is aligned with your business brand.

For example:- 

article-0-0A0D8548000005DC-646_634x603When you think about Richard Branson you think fun, business savvy with a hint of womanizer. When you think about Virgin it also represents those elements. If they weren’t aligned they would not be as successful as what they are today because not only does it give you the drive and passion you need to create an amazing business but it also tells consumers that you are genuine, authentic and living your truth. With a brand so strong you will weather any storm and you’re customers will market your business for you.

What Retail can learn from Direct Sales

Often people tend to look down at Direct Sales and seeing it as an inferior business model. However if you look beyond the perception and straight into the core and heart of it there lies a forward thinking, innovative and smart business model. Recently I was having a conversation with one of the Directors of Mark Kay and here is what I learnt:

1. It’s ALL about connection: This is the most overlooked element in Retail and one that Mary Kay is dedicated on working heart space to heart space. You build connections and you build a profitable business that will be around for years to come.

2. Educate your staff and your customers: Business owners sometimes hold back on training their staff in all areas fearing they will then leave to pursue greener pastures. However by training your staff in all areas so they are managing it like their own business you are investing in your team and your business will run at its fullest potential even whe you’re not there.

3. Career Path: No matter how small your business is you can still career path your employees. Teach them about investing and how to finance their retirement. When your employees are learning and creating a life they love they will work harder for you and you are helping them invest in themselves and their future. This can all be done within your business, grow together.

4. Work smart not hard: Some Mary Kay employees work around 25 hours a week and choose what hours and days they wish to work and they bring home around $8500 per month. They can work as little or as much as they choose. Reward your staff by giving them recognition and incentives for doing a great job.

BRAQ_5_Star_Model5. Touch base with your clients often: Make time to connect with your customers often and not to sell them something just to say Hi and show them you care about them and their lives, its only a phone call away.

Business doesn’t have to be hard or boring so have fun with it and remember you are the heart and soul of your business. I have just created the most simple and successful business model that has lead many businesses into great success. We have spoken about creating multiple income streams so the model will give you an idea about how that works.

As my Christmas gift to you I will be giving all Fashion Exposed Online readers a FREE 30 minute consult valued at $125. To redeem your consult please email renee@braqueen.com.au

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