Walking in style for over a century

bichon__bleuIt all started over a century ago with the passion of a single man : Pierre Humeau. From an early age on he showed great interest in shoes and shoe making. In 1869, as he turned 12, his mother, already a widow gathered the little money she had and sent him as an apprentice with the local shoemaker.

It was only the beginning of a long lasting passion for shoes. From the original small workshop with a few craftsmen in the West of France, BOPY footwear has over a century developed a real know-how and won prestige and recognition.

Today the BOPY is considered as a reference on the market in terms of quality and more specifically as the children shoe specialist.

Throughout the last century, BOPY has grown from a small workshop with only a handful of craftsmen into an international success, with over 1.5 Million pairs sold throughout the world, including Australia.

zanine_rougeWith over 100 years of experience hand-making leather children shoes, BOPY is well know in Europe as one of the finer producer of children’s shoes.

The Bopy Summer 2013 range hits Australian stores next year at the Australian Shoe Fair co-located withFashion Exposed from 10-12 March.

Bopy has already received an overwhelming response from Australian retailers after viewing the summer collection with a myriad of vibrant colours. With their love affair for French, hand-made products, Australian consumers are sure to love the BOPY range as another great example of the quality they expect.

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