Fashion Seminar Series Exposed

The highly anticipated business and regional seminar series returns to Fashion Exposed Sydney with one of the strongest line-ups to date. Feedback from the Melbourne trade show earlier this year asked for a continuation on the Trends, Business and Digital themes to offer key components for fashion business success, leading online fashion trend analysis, and increasing online exposure for bricks and mortar boutiques, including regional retailers.

We have answered your call and incorporated all of the above in much more depth for the Sydney 2012 Business Seminar Series with representatives from WGSN, SCOUT, PORTABLE, REBORN, HURST & CO, GARLAND & GARLAND FASHION AGENCY, iSpyStyle and SHOPWORKS SCIENCE.

Kate Vandermeer of iSpyStyle curated the Sydney 2012 Seminar Series and is thrilled to be bringing such a stellar line-up of speakers and topics. “Its definitely the strongest line up we have had yet and from my point of view, having the opportunity to fill two days’ worth of business seminars is really exciting,” she said. “In the past we have had to stick to certain topics on the one day, this way we were able to explore different topics over two days, so we could broaden the digital and business focus given that this is the area where retail is suffering the most.

“We asked two different speakers to touch on two different areas of the digital sector. One speaker is from REBORN and the other from PORTABLE, and both are offering really interesting solutions to digital media and promotion of e-commerce that will actually bring Fashion Exposed visitors ahead of the industry. REBORN’s seminar is based on new retail activation, an online topic that is still quite fresh in the Australian market, so it’s a big coup as far as speakers and content this time around.

“The other speaker I am especially excited about is Kate Hurst, she is such a prolific business woman responsible for helping brands like Romance was Born make their business profitable while still staying true to its creative roots. She has helped make them a sustainable business long term and allow them to continue doing what they are good at. Kate is very clever and switched on, so she will have good reminders for people who have been in business for a while and also for new people to the game.”

See below for your exclusive first look at the seminar program for Fashion Exposed Sydney held from 12-14 February, 2012 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre.

To register, visit

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