Summer of Love

IMG_1626Fashion is often likened to confidence, daring to expose your true nature and personality via your external apparel choices. Be Brave Designs evolved from this concept with their underlying philosophy `to adorne onself with objects of beauty is to evoke the ancient goddess who demands to be worshipped’. It’s this fearless approach to design that inspired Perth-based designer and mother of two, Sharon Brant to create her debut collection in the summer of 2010.

The Be Brave website started out in 2007 as an online boutique stocking labels from Bali and the Eastern States and jewellery from local Perth designers. But soon the `Be Brave’ tagline became Sharon’s personal mantra and she forged ahead with her own line. “I believe in taking risks and daring to push my own boundaries in order to evolve creatively,” she said. “I wanted to appeal to confident woman who weren’t afraid to stand out. “Be Brave” became my mantra as I ventured into business on my own. Ironically during the next few years it would also become a necessary affirmation and I would be forced to apply it to my personal life as well.”

Fashion Exposed Online took five with the inspirational designer to chat about her design process, what makesBe Brave Designs unique, and the story behind her upcoming collection `Summer of Love’.

Tell us about the design process from your original designs to the manufacture and finished product?

My design process starts with endless internet research, including keeping up with what’s happening in Europe and the States. My collections are predominately designed with coastal living in mind. Having lived on the coast of Qld, then Bondi Beach in NSW and now Cottesloe in WA, I have a natural affinity with the ocean and design all my collections with the beach, boating or resort holiday in mind. Once I finalise my designs, I travel to Bali and work with my manufacturer to finesse the range. This year we designed and printed our own fabrics, which was an exciting part of the process.

What is it that makes Be Brave Designs a unique product?

IMG_1716Be Brave Designs is unique in that we aim to design specifically with ‘holidays’ and ‘summer fun’ in mind. I love using bold colour as it denotes happiness and confidence and I believe elegance and glamour should also be effortless and comfortable. I design garments that they can be worn over swimwear at the beach or the pool and then teemed with sexy heels and accessories for a lunch or night on the town. I only use the best quality fabrics, favouring pure, hand printed silks and the softest jersey for my more casual pieces. A large proportion of my range is ‘One Size’, favouring elegant, yet relaxed tailoring that creates a dreamy feminine silhouette.

Tell us about the upcoming collection summer of love? Inspiration and story behind it?

My inspiration has always been about summer, growing up on the beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts of Queensland. My summer playground was the beautiful , endlessly long white sand, surf beaches, stretching from Noosa to Byron Bay. I also spent a couple of lazy, carefree summers living in a caravan on Nth Stradbroke Island in my mid teens. It was perched on a headland overlooking the surf break of Point Lookout. It was idyllic. The ‘Summer of Love” is inspired by those times, circa late 1970’s.

What other products do you stock?

I sell accessories such as beach hats, belts and scarves.

You will exhibit your designs at Fashion Exposed Sydney in 2012, why did you choose to exhibit here? What do you hope to gain?

I chose Sydney because I lived there for 10 years and know it well. My business plan has always been to wholesale nationally but up until now I have been retailing online and selling locally in Perth. I believe Fashion Exposed will help to provide national exposure for my brand and open up distribution opportunities nationally and perhaps overseas.

View the Be Brave Designs Summer of Love range first hand at Fashion Exposed from 12-14 February, 2012 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre.

To register visit,


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