Red Carpet Glamour

IMG_3125There is no prouder moment in any young girls’ life than that of her formal or prom night. The day she officially transitions from a schoolgirl into a young woman, walking the red carpet in a floor length gown and spending the day in hair and make-up to prepare for a Hollywood-like appearance before all her peers. It’s a proud moment that will imprint in your memories forever, which is why the hunt for the perfect dress can be likened to the life-changing search for the Holy Grail.

That’s why it pays to put your trust in one of the true red carpet masters, Mignon. They have been a name of distinction on Fashion Avenue for more than half a century. Vincent and Ankur Mignon are at the helm of the family business and working closely with Christyne Forti to create a glamorous and accessibly-priced evening wear collection. The Mignon brand philosophy aims to indulge the wearer in feminine fabrics and delicate detailing to bring glamorous dressing to every woman’s life.

The success of the brand lies in their intricate beadwork, accented necklines with sparkling crystal detail, sequins and flowing fabrication that sees the dress turn and move with a woman’s step, accenting her moves on or off the red carpet. It’s this painstaking attention to detail in each twist of fabric, each gemstone placed, each ruffle in the skirt that transforms every dress into a living work of art. Whether it’s a designer look you’re after for a wedding, or an elegant but sexy prom dress to turn heads, or perhaps just a perfect LBD for that social evening among friends, Mignon will have you looking your best.

IMG_3098On the back of their success with Mignon the pair are now widely celebrated for their unique take on evening wear, and recently launched their designer prom line, LM COLLECTION. The stunning range brings the “glamour of Hollywood” to prom girls on a budget. Inspired by the glamour of the red carpet, LM Collection creates luxurious dresses for proms and social occasions fusing high fashion details with chic affordability. The collection includes cocktail dresses and floor long gowns, with floral patterns, animal prints, exotic colors and stylish silhouettes. There are now 300 boutiques selling LM collection andMignon in the U.S, including popular U.S department stores Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Ave and Bloomingdales.

For your chance to view the glamorous designs up close, be sure to register for the Fashion Exposed trade show where Mignon and LM Collections will be showcasing their latest collection from 12-14 February, 2012 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre.

Visit Mignon on Facebook HERE.

View LM Collections on Facebook HERE.

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