A rush of HORSPWR

horspwr_girlThe HORSPWR mantra is simple – Lifestyle with POWER is a rush. Tired of seeing the same old surf and street scene clothing? Then HORSPWR is a hurricane coming your way, their cool designs make a statement every time.

HORSPWR clothing is an Australian company founded in October 2005 by entrepreneur and self-professed `rev head’ Ron Polonski. He took his love of cars to the next level and launched a fashion label targeting the motoring and automotive community, with quality, brand recognition and customer satisfaction as the number one priority. While there is a plethora of successful clothing brands centred around the surf, skate, ski, board, motorcross and street urban scene, Ron noticed there was a huge gap in the market for people within the automotive sector. HORSPWR has successfully bridged that gap with their fashion range of automotive-themed t-shirts, polo’s and tank tops for men and women.

“Up until now, the automotive demographic really have had no options but to purchase clothing like Billabong, Rusty, Rip Curl, FOX, Element or DC,” says Ron. “These brands represent the surf and street culture, but not the automotive culture. We, the automotive demographic, are forced to support the surf, skate and ski scene, which isn’t right. Why support a scene you don’t really care for or aren’t even active in.

horspwr_guy“Automotive people are forced to wear clothing that doesn’t represent their lifestyle. For example, a guy attends the Summernats event in Canberra, it’s 35 degrees and he wears a surf t-shirt? This is a car nut event, one of the largest in Australia, what is wrong with this picture? The only other option they have is to wear a racing team shirt (HRT race polo). “For a person, like myself, who is a deep down, automotive junkie I wanted a clothing lifestyle brand which catered to my needs and that is to design and produce clothing that I can wear day in, day out to show my love for the lifestyle, the automotive lifestyle.”

HORSPWR will show their innovative automotive clothing brand at the next Fashion Exposed from 12-14 February, 2012 at the Sydney Exhibition Centre.

To register visit

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