Fearless Footwear

TivoliCreating fearless footwear since 1962, SOREL was born from a desire to craft a boot that could send explorers into the beauty of the unknown in comfort and style. As the brand forges its way forward from the frozen tundra into the city streets, it translates the stunning landscapes inspired by their founders into a new generation of footwear that is fashionably bold, unapologetically daring and beautifully brave.

Luxurious materials and flawless construction are brought to life by designs that challenge, invigorate and surprise. From sweet sneakers for sultry summer days to boots that turn heads while taking on the tundra, SOREL inspires fashion-forward feet for every season. SOREL are known risk takers, they are all about `putting yourself out there’. Whether it’s in the Arctic, on a mountain or in downtown Sydney, Sorel has always stood for boldly going beyond the comfort zone, taking the wearer to unchartered territory. It’s this spirit of adventure and fearlessness that guide the brand today with the motto, “When you are fearlessly fabulous, you are impossible to ignore.”

The Women’s Tivoli™ are colorful in design and rugged in construction, sure to up your street cred (not to mention your snow cred, if there is such a thing). Blending the sleek, lightweight feel of an urban shoe with the warmth and protection of a Sorel boot,  this tried-and-true favorite is offered in a whole new slew of styles this season that range from basic to bold.

See the complete SOREL range at the Outdoor Performance stand during the Australian Shoe Fair from 12-14 February, 2012 in the Sydney Exhibition Centre.

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