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From left: Topshop Velvet Halter DressAje Fonolo DressAsos Angel Eye All Over Animal Sequin Wrap Dress

Velvet can be known to conjure cringeworthy memories of bad prom dresses and 90s unforgiving crushed poly-blend styles that are better left collecting dust in the thrift store. But modern fashion brands recently resurrected the plush fabric and remodeled it in the form of fun, fresh party dresses, like this gorgeous mustard halter style from Topshop.

While diamonds might hold the ranking for jewellery, sequins certainly top the list as a girl’s best friend in fashion. Whether shiny, matte, distressed or glitzy the sequin has been reinvented into a seductive and chic look. Australian label, Aje have mastered the art. Seek them out for a major sequin injection.

Metallics are no longer the fabric of rock stars. This season will see the glistening styles shine on in metallic coated jeans, mini dresses and gilt skirts. Amp up the volume!

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