The Power of Innovation

Steve Jobs passing in October, has reminded me into thinking how great this man was. Not just because he headed up the world’s biggest corporation and was the most successful business CEO of our time, but just how his belief in innovation over anything else was his prime source of drive and success.

Deborah Sterry

Deborah Sterry

Deborah Sterry has a fashion career spanning over 25 years within fashion retail and wholesale. She trained with Myer, was the Advertising Director for Sussan, former owner of Matisse Boutiques in Melbourne and is now owner and Creative Director for Threadz Pty Ltd, with labels including Threadz, Clarity and new label, Contrast. 

This leads to me to say, the inspiration that Steve Jobs has left behind is a legacy to us all, especially now in the fashion industry. It is time, actually “over time” that the fashion industry must take stock and recognise the power of innovation and the desperation that the consumer has that we in the fashion industry produce it.

The consumer is spending, there is more disposal dollars than ever before but the fashion industry through its lack lustre approach to presenting itself and the hesitation, one might even say resistance to change has been the main cause for the industry to have waned and been left behind.

So I ask, everyone that is passionate, driven and has the desire to change, to focus, to re-invent , re-inspire, re-invigorate but most of all bring innovation to the Australian fashion industry. Wwhy not be inspired by one of the greatest innovators in business of all time, Mr Steve Job’s and apply it to the Australian fashion industry?

debThe power of the independant retailer is huge, it is only a matter of making the “mind shift” it is the greatest tool the independant retailer has, the power to be able to change today.

Be Innovative WHY NOT??

Deborah Sterry will be holding a seminar in November in Melbourne on the `Future of Boutique Retailing’ and the skills, innovation and energy that will Inspire all of you.
If you are interested in attending please call Threadz (Head office in Melbourne) (03) 9486 9277.

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