Italian for Style

nadir-2012_4It is well known throughout the world that the Italians are rich in style, bursting with inspiration the countryside is laden with iconic buildings that tell a story of the nation’s ornate history. This precious heritage can also be mapped through the clothing of the eras, their chic elegance and inner flair are strong traits of their culture. It’s why one of the biggest fashion weeks in the world is held in Milan.

Now Ink Olives Creative Director, Giuliana Vitiello is bringing that Italian history down under with the label Nadir into Fashion Exposed Sydney, 2012. We had a chat with her to chat about the collection, how the label has been received in Australia since the first Fashion Exposed, and the future of the brand.

When did Nadir first launch as a fashion brand? What is its history in Italy?

Annamaria was responsible for the creation of Nadir Positano in 1980 together with siblings Nino and Sandra. Her first designs were inspired by dresses she used to make for her dolls from old pieces of fabric found in her grandmother’s chest. From time to time, she travels through small Italian villages to research new trends and concepts. Nadir’s collections can now be found in retail outlets all over Italy and in other countries such as France, Spain, Switzerland, England, Denmark, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Who is the Nadir woman? What is the inspiration behind the brand?

Since Annamaria started designing her label, the inspiration is always been from the past, from those warm personal memories that enabled to create romantic, feminine pieces with a vintage touch. Patchwork and layering have always been the label’s trademarks. The Nadir woman is romantic, feminine and comfortable to express her feelings.

Why did you want to bring Nadir into Australia? How does the brand fit into the Australian aesthetic?

The idea to introduce Nadir to the Australian market came from the large number of Australian tourists who have visited the Positano stores in the past few years inquiring where they could find the Nadir range in their country. Nadir offers originality and practicality combined with beautiful studied details and a fashionable easy-to-wear bucolic style, perfect for the easy-going Australian women.

nadir-2012_3Nadir launched for the first time in Australia at the Sydney 2011 Fashion Exposed, what was the feedback to the line?

We received an amazing feedback from all the clients and just people passing by at the Fair. Everyone loved the uniqueness and attention to details that the Nadir brand represent. 5. How has the brand been received since then? Fantastic, we have shops that now stock Nadir in Australia and they are receiving great feedbacks from their clients.

Tell us about the collection you will be showing at Fashion Exposed Sydney 2012?

The 2012 collection offers an extensive range of skirts, dresses, blouses, shirtdresses, and smock tops combining embroidered details and colorful floral and ginghen prints. Most pieces are made of textured fabrics and natural fibers such as 100% cotton and linen, creating an easy-to-wear, fashionable scrunched-up effect.

Any other company news you’d like to share?

This year Nadir was been distributed from Italy creating few issues with the Euro/AUD exchange. From next year Nadir will be distributed directly from Australia; clients will be able to buy in Australian dollars and deal with an Australian distributor.

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