Inspired by Nature

1 (3)It’s difficult to bypass the picturesque view of the North Western Australian coastline and not feel inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding you. For two creatives, the Indian Ocean and the contrast of its coastline provided the ultimate recipe for their unique swimwear line, Gypsea. Surf photographer Scott Bauer joined designer Emma Jones on their collaborative venture that fuses nature to design unique swimwear using the female form as their canvas.

The word Gypsea describes Scott Bauer’s life as a surf photographer, roaming the world looking for the perfect breaking wave. Fashion Exposed Online took five with the two designers behind the Gypsea label before they debut at the new RESORT section at Fashion Exposed.

What inspired you to launch the Gypsea collection? Why swimwear?

Emma: When Scott mentioned to me that he was interested in putting his artwork onto swimwear I was 100% sure it was something I wanted to be a part of. I Love swimwear, love wearing it and love the challenge of designing swimwear that works with Scott’s artwork.

Scott: My back ground is in surfing photography and I wanted to diversify with my work, I’m constantly looking for things to inspire me artistically and swimwear sounded really challenging. I love the idea as the body as the canvas, such a awesome inspiration seeing your work being worn, it’s hugely satisfying.

The name is great, where does it originate? How does this evoke the philosophy of the brand?

3 (3)Scott: The label is inspired by the ocean and travel, living a healthy, happy, active lifestyle. It also best describes me as a photographer too, I lived the last 10 years of my life traveling the globe documenting surfing.

How do Scott Bauer and Emma Jones work together on the collections? From drawing board to finished product, what do they each offer to the design process?

Emma: We work on our collections backwards to what most other labels would do, I work on styles and patterns first. Once we have a good range to work with I then hand the layouts to Scott who spends hours working on which suit fit which artwork. From there we sample and see how the artwork looks once the swimwear is being worn.

Scott: We work well together because we complement each other. Emma is great with designing and perfecting the swimwear and my area is the photography and the graphic work.

What sets the Gypsea creations apart and defines it has a unique product in the swimwear market?

Unique prints combined with quality luxurious material and flattering cuts.

Nature looks like a huge part of the inspiration behind the design and ethos, what aspects of nature do you draw from? Why?

Scott: Nature is the main inspiration for Gypsea for sure. There’s so many amazing things to draw inspiration from in nature, I particularly like the flowing natural lines that you see in nature and the amazing colors. I think people appreciate it a lot more when things are not made up as such like a random pattern or graphic, you’ve drawn your inspiration from something living and flowing through photography and applied it to the suits, it’s very real.

You are about to exhibit at Fashion Exposed Resort, why did you choose to exhibit here? What do you hope to gain?

There’s some great swim brands coming through and I think the resort section was really needed so I’m excited to be a part of it. What we want out of Fashion Exposed is to bring the brand to new clientele and show them what were about, let our range to the talking.

Any other company news you’d like to share?

Next season were working introducing more clothing to our range which is really exciting, that with some fresh new swimwear.

For more information on the new RESORT area at Fashion Exposed, contact Account Manager, Sarah Cowlishaw. Email;

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