M-Comm and Social Media for Retail

Russell Zimmerman

Russell Zimmerman

The commercial world as we know it is moving into a different business model from the day to day operations, to how the company engages with its customer, even down to the system of buy, sell, trade. The traditional models are all being challenged. The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and the Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA) will focus on one of the major changes which is m-commerce and social media for retail and part three of the Engage in E-tail Seminar series.

David Shafer, Executive Director of Kogan Technologies will deliver the keynote address and share Kogan’s success using m-commerce and social media. Other topics to be covered include: the growth of internet use and e-commerce on mobile devices; retail mobile presence – making your website mobile-friendly, mobile sites & applications; the growth of social media in retail – trends, statistics and research; practical advice, tips and best-practice when using social media in retail. A panel of leading practitioners will also share their best-practice experience in m-commerce and social media.

We asked Executive Director of the Australian Retailers AssociationRussell Zimmerman to tell us a little more about the seminar, why it’s so important to be informed on the new social media channels, and what it all means.

From e-comm to m-comm and now e-tail – can you explain what this new terminology means?

The word e-tail refers to electronic retail and encompasses the multiple ways in which retailers conduct their business online, so they can offer the best service to their new and existing customers. The aim is to create a seamless shopping experience for the customer wherever they choose to shop- across bricks and mortar, online, social networking and even via smart phone, of which have had a huge take up in Australia.

611705_f260Why is it so important to engage in E-tail? What benefits will it bring to bricks and mortar retail?

Bricks and mortar retailers who embrace the online space are able to reach their customers in many ways. The reality of retailing is customers are increasingly going online and want the same product range, convenience and customer service they would get if they were to walk into the store. It is also important to offer customers ‘seamless’ shopping across all channels so they can shop in your online store one day and drop into your physical store the next, all in one smooth step and under one brand.

There is a huge shift in consumer focus towards purchasing online, does this have to have such a negative impact on bricks and mortar? How can they transform their business to compete effectively and successfully with online retailers?

Online shopping is here to stay and will continue to grow. Retailers should see the online space as an opportunity not a threat, and make sure they are just as competitive in the online space as they are in store. E-commerce and multi channel retailing is set to be worth $36.5 billion in 2013- this is a neon sign of opportunity for retailers to gain market share in an area of growth.

David Shafer is the Executive Director of Kogan Technologies and he will deliver the keynote address at the upcoming ARA seminar on m-commerce and social media – can you give us a brief backgrounder on David and his company? How does his background relate to retail?

David Shafer David Shafer is Executive Director at Kogan (www.kogan.com.au & http://www.kogan.co.uk), one of the fastest growing online retailers in Australia. He is in charge of ensuring Kogan’s continued growth and rapid expansion both in Australia and into global markets. David has been a key adviser to Kogan since its foundation and, since becoming Executive Director in 2010, Kogan has expanded internationally, launched its world first dynamic pricing system called LivePrice, and undergone phenomenal growth.

Who else will be joining the panel on the day for the E-tail seminar?

Simagesome of the other speakers for the day include representatives from Follow Online and eHound (more information below) eHound: With seven years experience in building and delivering store locators for retailers, banks and other financial services clients, eHound can help, whether it’s a store locator for the Web, an ATM finder for iPhone, a stockist locator for your Facebook page, or a Branch locator for your 13, 1300 or 0800 number. http://www.ehoundplatform.com/ Follow Online Follow is the recent winners of the What’s Your Big Idea Queensland Government grant for innovation for their understanding of online social commerce. Follow works with a range of clients from large corporations to smaller hospitality venues and start up companies to develop all branding, digital and marketing needs. They have a strong understanding of ecommerce, using online mechanisms to reflect retail behaviour and design online stores with the persuasive cycle in mind. http://www.followonline.com.au

This is the third in a series of seminars the ARA have been running in this field of online retail – how successful have they been? What has the response been to each one? And feedback?

The series has been very successful, with some great feedback. Many retailers want to embrace the opportunities the online space has to offer, but are often unsure on where to start. This series not only gives that starting point, it also goes much more in- depth with practical advice on how to incorporate online into your business strategy as well as provide inspiring speakers who are experts in the space.

WHEN: Tuesday 4 October 2011
WHERE: Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, 1 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park Champions Room – Enter through aquatic entry not main entry.
View map for directions Multi deck car park opposite entry / Lakeside Car Park – all day parking $8
COST: Free for ARA and ASGA members Non ARA or ASGA Members $200 inc GST

Download the program HERE.

And to register now, visit HERE.


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