Just a Clique away

bec___leni2With a combined background entrenched in the footwear industry, one family pooled their creative resources and formed Heltonbec. Since then, their wealth of shoe experience and knowledge has seen them surge forward as a powerful wholesaling and design business. Their love of fine shoes at the highest quality formed the basis of the company philosophy, but above all they desired to deliver something unique and different to the market including different textures, leathers, fabrications and styles at an affordable price.

We asked Senior Executive, Kylie deMole to explain the history of the brand and how it formed.

Tell us about the inspiration or theory behind the upcoming range?

The next theme is fun, bright, sassy, sexy, a little glamorous and high fashion. Inspiration behind it is the love of high-end trends and a love of colour and fashion. Inspiration comes from the overseas trends and colour palette. We watch the overseas markets and then work from there in regards to design concepts. As well as knowing what is selling overseas at the time, we focus on commercial styles that are affordable and designed for the fast, fashion-forward customer.

Talk us through the design process, from drawing board to finished product?

bec___leni3All our inspiration is in keeping up to date with overseas and working with our team here. We sit and workshop the styles and try new and different things on each shoe, sometimes mixing and matching. Working together with different colour ways, styles and lasts. We will sit with different versions and look at options for uppers and match colour ways to the overall style. There is a team of us that will sit and work through the concepts and different designs. For us it is a team effort and overall team designs.

You recently exhibited at the Australian Shoe Fair, what was the response to your range? Feedback?

We were shocked, people loved the range it was amazing feedback, really exciting time for us, people loved the variety we had, the colours and design concepts.

What sets your shoes apart from the fashion pack?

Our team working together towards the same goal, to create and design beautiful high quality shoes for the fashion market and fashion forward customer with a wealth of experience in the field of shoe design, construct and manufacturing. We have great styles at very competitive prices to reach all customers with a vast range of different looks .

What are your future hopes for the brand?

We are looking forward to getting our two main shoe labels, Bec & Leni and Rebecca Venetta into small retailers as well as the large retailers. We are also launching new styles on our clique brands website. Our hopes are to get the brands into as many retailers as possible wholesaling the different styles and really getting the brands out there in the mass market.

Any other company news you’d like to share?

Our styles will also be available at

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