Glamourise your feet

HST35PUWith a growing celebrity following, Holster has captured a worldwide audience with its take on elegant beach footwear. Now stocked in over 1500 stores and prestigious boutiques including Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, Australia’s leading jellies footwear brand is known for its innovative women’s and children’s styles and superior quality. The embellished designs feature striking, A-grade jewels and Swarovski® crystals, constructed with a unique focus on detail for an ethereal mix of down-to-earth glamour and beach-side romanticism.

But aside from its obvious fashionable qualities, Holsterare also well known for many other added features and benefits such as its antimicrobial quality; odour resistance; cruelty free and devoid of animal products; ease of care (jelly PVC can be cleaned with mild soap and water); greater foot support than flat soled shoes given the arched sole design; all PVC waste from the Holster factory is recycled (any rejected parts from production are recycled for the next Holster production meaning no waste); all Holster Jelly sandal shoe boxes and tissue paper is made from recycled materials; uses REACH compliant PVC and does not contain any chemical substances of very high concern.

Win a $1000 Holster Jellies Wardrobe! 

Are you tired of not having the perfect shoe for that new killer outfit you’ve got? Feeling totally bored of the same old shoes day in, day out? Want a bit of glamour injected into your daily ho-hum life?

Simply come up with a great new Holster shoe name for their Spring/Summer ’12 collection and you could win a $1000 Holster Jellies wardrobe!

Head to their facebook page to find out how, HERE.

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