Stimulating Retail

m_p_jewellery_merchandisersThe retail environment is challenging us, but instead of taking a negative outlook let’s look at the ways we can diversify our current model and challenge ourselves to think outside and be creative with our spaces.

One option is to integrate new visual merchandising display systems and mei + picchi have one of the biggest available to suit any retail or commercial environment. They are the leading supplier of shopfittings, merchandising and display systems, and mannequins, with decades of experience assisting retailers. They work with the boutique retailer to create an inviting, interactive and innovative shopping environment that will entice the consumer to browse and linger in-store, therefore leading to sales.

Slider is one of the most popular styles, having only joined the mei + picchi range in the last yea, but in this time, the Slider range has grown to include two colour options (silver and black) and now the newest addition the lockable vitrine. The new vitrine provides the option of secure showcases to be incorporated into displays with endless possibilities that can be easily changed to suit your merchandise, seasonal or marketing campaigns. Once the Slider tracks are mounted to your wall, accessories and graphic panels can be added, changed or removed without the need for any tools. This ensures that the system is easy to update and personalise.

mei___picchi_sliderAnother option is the mobile which reinvents the rack and turns it into a multi-functional designer unit. The three-way unit can be flipped and rotated to create two different types of racks, or a base for a table. The two-way unit also provides different options for your changing display needs. These lightweight units are suitable for any retail environment.

For more information on how the mei + picchi in-store displays can work for you, visit or email

You can see more on how visual merchandising can reinvigorate your store at our Fashion Exposed Bloginterview with Kate Vandermeer of HERE.

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