Oh Brother!

Untitled-3Abandoned on an island, white sandy shoreline surrounds you with a subtle sea breeze sweeping your bronzed skin as you watch the reflections of the sun kissing the see-thru blue ocean. This is the idyllic setting most of us think about when sitting at our office desks, dreaming of summer.

Three brothers picked up on this desire and collaborated to create their new brand SURDEASIA. Juan, Ponciano and Maximo were born in Argentina, however their stunning prêt-a-porter clothing collection was created on the Italian island of Sardegna, and the South-American / European design influence is unmistakeable.

Featuring both floaty and figure-hugging designs in gossamer fabrics so beautiful to wear, the collection celebrates the most feminine and sensual aspects of woman-hood. Crisp white, dramatic black and richly hued jewel colours reflect the colours of summer in pieces to take you from swimsuit cover-ups to sophisticated night-wear.

The label had its official Australian launch at the recent Fashion Exposed trade show and local fashion agent Liberta Jewel says  `the response has been amazing!’.

It seems SURDEASIA is set to be the next ‘big thing’.

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