Handbag Desti-nation

CreamLargeFrontWhen she couldn’t source the `right gold colour’ on a shopping expedition in 2008, Desti Saint decided she would craft her own and they have been selling out ever since. She actively built upon her love of handbags and grew it into one of Asia’s most successful accessory’s brand, successfully combining her hobby and passion into a full-time business. “I have always had a passionate interest and love affair with designer handbags,” says Desti. “Designing handbags is now taking me across the world in my pursuit of the finest softest leathers, the newest colours and textures, latest awe inspiring creative “wow factor” and also to fuel my creative inspirations.”

Desti first launched the self-titled range into the Australian market at the recent Fashion ExposedMelbourne, with overwhelming success. We finally caught up with her in the midst of designing her new collection to discuss the inspiration, the most popular designs, and her hopes for Fashion Exposed Sydney in 2012.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

I am currently living in my own personal heaven in Asia. I get tremendous daily inspiration from the creativity and culture here in Asia, which in turn takes my creativity to a new level of experimentation, boldness and passion. I also like to keep my finger on the pulse with the latest fashion trends and fashion shows, seeing what’s going on with the latest artists and artisans and just living my own life to the max.

What was the inspiration/story/theme behind the current collection?

The new Maddie Collection is named after my only beloved teenage daughter Maddie, who inspires me every day. Maddie was my inspiration to take my Collection into a new creative direction. She brings me so much happiness, double happiness in fact, that I decided to create a Collection in her honour featuring the most famous Double Happiness Chinese symbol, which a great friend Keir was also wearing as a necklace. EachDesti Saint bag will be a statement piece with the addition of a stylised, crafted Double Happiness Chinese Symbol ingot on the front which signifies double happiness, love and laughter. Each of my bags are also crowned with the Desti Saint signature leather tassel with polished metal sphere. The Maddie Collection offers total luxury at affordable prices. The leathers I have used are finest of Italian leathers which are so sumptuous, soft and the most outstanding quality. The metallics are radiant and glamorous, the embossing is luxuriously tactile and the faux snakeskin range is the epitome of classic elegance and new luxury with a very contemporary twist. Individual and supremely stylish, each bag from the Maddie Collection is a statement in modern luxury, creativity and individual style, designed to appeal to fun loving and chic, modern women of all ages.

Untitled-1With the seasonal Spring Summer 2012 shows on, do you watch the runways for inspiration? Who are some of your favourites and why?

I love watching the run way shows for inspiration and reference of what’s going on in the fashion world, but I always feel some of the shows I see, lack a sense of fun, vitality and humour. I guess Desti Saint Fashion Shows would have their own individual style with more fun, exuberance and humour – a bit like our brand strapline “Wear it. Live It. Love it”. I also get my inspiration from the people I meet in life, on my travels internationally and from street fashion as I love the more individualistic sense of personal style. My favourite designers change all the time but Valentino and Mark Jacobs are favourites today!

What are the most popular designs from the Desti Saint range? 

Right now the most popular designs in the Desti Saint Collection are the new hand etched goatskin clutches. Each Desti Saint Goatskin Clutch bag is an individual work of art and no two bags are the same – as individual as our customers and fans. The Desti Saint Goatskin Clutch bags are available in 3 natural shades – white, black and brown. They also come with and without gorgeous hand carved jade clasps. They are beautiful to look at, sumptuous and luxurious to hold and each bag makes a very individual fashion statement, because of their uniqueness. The Goat Skin Clutches may well be outsold by the forthcoming Maddie Collection when it is launched Mid December, let’s see?

What are you working on now? can you reveal something from the upcoming collection?

It is indeed true the creative mind never stops working, or is it just no peace for the wicked! I have several projects in creative development which I am so excited about. These creative projects which I am currently working on are really unique, creative, fun, elegant and the leathers and materials I am planning to use are the result of my searching for the essence of new luxury across the world. Each of my Collections always has a theme and a deeper meaning and story behind it and each collection is fuelling by my desire to create the perfect bag for the Desti Saint fan base and stand out from the crowd. As with any designer, my Collections still in development are cloaked in secrecy, but when I am ready to announce you will be the first to know!

You recently exhibited at the Fashion Exposed trade show in Melbourne, what was the overall response to the collection? Can you share some of the comments?

I loved every minute of my Fashion Exposed Trade Show Experience in Melbourne back in August. I met so many buyers and media and they were all so complimentary, positive and generous with their comments about my work. I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm for my new collections and I have now entered into many new great retail relationships and partnerships which will finally bring the Desti Saint Handbag brand to my fanbase in Australia. I am really delighted and look forward to giving Australian women the luxury they deserve in a handbag at an accessible price they can afford, with designs which complement their personal style and desire to standout in the crowd. I am looking forward to building my brand’s popularity in Australia, as per the rest of Asia.

Will you be exhibiting at the Sydney fashion Exposed? Why?

Definitely! Based on my positive experience at Fashion Exposed in Melbourne, and the overwhelming response I received to my new Desti Saint Collections, the Expo in Sydney is just too good to miss! See you there!

Any other company news you’d like to share?

We have so many positive things going on with the Desti Saint brand and company right now – too numerous to mention actually, but I will say it’s just so exciting and beyond my wildest dreams and aspirations. Having said that I am both whimsical and grounded. I am never satisfied and always pursuing the next most beautiful Desti Saint handbag design ever – so all I can say is watch this space and check out the Desti Saint web site – which is always a great barometer to what is going on next with my company.

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