Spring into the season

FireflyAfter years of being frustrated by the lack of colourful yet stylish heels that are affordable, and available in Australia, two shoe-addicted sisters decided to design a range that reflected their love of colour.
“We have always wanted our brand to reflect a realistic price point, mixed with a small amount of education, you can wear more colour than you think,” says Kveta Fiebiger. “Our inspiration is as diverse as the palettes of colour we work with, ranging from art deco architecture to memories of an 80’s mum that looked like Lita Ford or perhaps Madonna (pre-first short haircut).” And thus Fiebiger Shoes was created.

The Fiebiger sisters, regularly seen at the Australian Shoe Fair, strive to create the kind of shoes you have always wanted to buy, that is glamorous high heels that are fun, eye-catching and unique. They are calling it `make-up for the feet’ as they believe the heels are designed for women who create their own look and love showing off their style and individuality through what they wear.

Fiebiger Shoes are made for the kind of girl who isn’t afraid of a little glamour in her life, they are all about individuals making a statement from the feet up without breaking the bank,” she says. “We encourage all girls to walk with confidence.”
See more from their range at their website;

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