Fashionising a Stylish Melbourne…

taniabraukamperbygiangcaoOf-the-minute style sites and Style Melbourne are solidifying our status as the`Fashion Capital’ with their witty writing, stylish editorials, and discerning commentary on the latest industry news and revelations. – editor Tania Braukämper


The editorial team are always on the look-out for what’s fresh and new. That’s why they dedicate so much of their coverage to fashion trends and the latest interpretation of fashion. Check into theirFacebook page for breaking news from fashion’s front line – they were the first to drop the news that Topshop were coming to Australia.

sarah_wilcocksStyle Melbourne – editor Sarah Wilcocks

Image via Alexi Freeman

Style Melbourne editor, Sarah Wilcocks takes you to the catwalks of Milan, London, New York and Paris, and behind the covers of the international glossy magazines. But more importantly the savvy site takes you inside the cool and chic boutique that has just popped up around the corner, or that innovative new local label that nobody else has discovered yet.

That’s why Fashion Exposed and Premiere trade events have teamed up with the style sites for this year’s Melbourne event. Be sure to check in for regular feature stories on our exhibitors and industry updates.


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