Coelho debuts…

This is your first, exclusive sneak peek at the latest offering from Fashion Exposed Debut finalist, Shalini Coelho.
Launched last June, the Coelho label has been a journey of `risk’ and personal discovery for the RMIT Fashion Technology graduate.
“My journey began three years ago, interning in the industry and working full-time to save up as much money as I possibly could before I launched Coelho,” she said.
“I’ve always loved the feeling of being your own boss, taking that risk and responsibility and turning it into something marvelous for yourself.”
And the hard work has paid off with Coelho officially on the retailer’s radar after becoming one of the 12 finalists in the Debut fashion competition.
Widely regarded as the premier launching platform for new and independent labels, Debut has assisted over 130 labels build their fashion profile since it’s inception in 2006.

Shalini emailed Fashion Exposed blog a special first look at the next collection which she will officially launch at the Fashion Exposed Debut Salon Show and Presentation at 12 noon on Sunday August 28.
When asked to define her latest collection, Shalini explains:

“As a new Autumn/Winter season dawns, ‘Coelho’ enters into a time of re-invention, rejuvenation and exploration. Through the concept of time, we live our lives to try to express our individualism and sense of style.
This season ‘Coelho’ is moving forward with new ideas, and passes through time with a need to play, explore and escape. Inspiration for my new collection is the spectacular South Yarra and Toorak. Beautiful structural buildings with intricate design lines infused with the fragility of the creepers growing ever so elegantly on the walls near the windows like their playing Peek – a – boo.”

If she wins, Coelho will receive the benefits of substantial exposure and networking opportunities within the fashion industry, as well as a lucrative prize package including a stand valued at $3,000 at the next Fashion Exposed.

Fashion Exposed Blog had a quick chat to Shalini about her inspiration, icons and hopes for Fashion Exposed;

What is your earliest fashion memory? Did this help shape your fashion career?

My Earliest fashion memory was when I was about 5, I was watching the Oscars with my Mum and dint want to go to school that day, it was like the event took me to another wonderland with all the beautiful actresses dressed in those gorgeous long flowing, draped, delicately embellished gowns. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and my dream since then was to make beautiful looking clothes for women.

Who/what are your icons? They don’t have to be fashion related – and why do they inspire you?

My icons are strong women with a sense of self that exude confidence, Kimora Lee Simmons, Rachel Zoe and Oprah. I absolutely bow down to Alber Elbaz of LANVIN he’s a creative genius and knows exactly what women want.

What are you looking forward to most at Fashion Exposed?

I am so grateful and appreciative of the fact the Coelho has been selected as one of the 12 Finalist for Debut. I know it will be really good exposure for the label, and I will simultaneously gain wonderful knowledge and experience about trade events. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone who comes to Debut.

To register for Fashion Exposed, head to the website here.

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