Sleeping sound

DSCF2119Sleep is often a simple remedy for most of our modern ails, but considering the fast-paced lifestyle we now live in it’s become increasingly difficult to find the time for rest. Now a revolutionary new sleepwear range called Re-energisers has been designed to enhance your wellbeing during that critical nightly rest period to bring back sleep quality.

Nine independent clinical trials have been conducted on the Re-energisers since 2003 and all have had positive results that show `re-energisers’ increase oxygen levels, reduce pain, promote faster healing with muscle and joint repair, heighten strength, enable more balanced body temperatures and better sleep quality.

The secret is in the fabric which has been specifically treated with natural minerals that trap and return electromagnetic energy emitted from the body. The result is increased blood circulation without any extra demands on the body. Wearers will often experience an overall improved sense of health and wellbeing. The benefits of this product cannot be washed out and will last for the life of the garment.

To see the Re-energisers range, visit Brandella on stand 2958 this weekend at Fashion Exposed from August 28-30 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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