Jelly flavoured footwear

GelatiSummer0017Jelly and shoes usually aren’t two words you normally find in the same sentence. But Wendy & Holly have the most delicious gelati flavoured jelly’s you can find. From pink to neon green and holly orange, you’ll be hard pushed choosing just one to take home with you.
Of course we are talking about jelly footwear. And for most of us, just the sight of these coloured clear flats evokes childhood memories wearing the latest cool styles during the summer holidays. Well now you can relive the fun memories with a range of on-trend jelly shoes designed for stylish women.

Wendy Macmanus only launched the Wendy & Holly brand this February in her native Noosa, but already they have secured over 30 Queensland and Victorian stores, with agents in Queensland, Victoria and WA and a distributor in NZ who already has 12 stores stocking the range.
We spoke to Wendy on why she chose jelly shoes as a business, what the popular styles and colour trends are for spring summer, and what she plans to exhibit at the upcoming Australian Shoe Fair from August 28-30 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

ChloeSummer0001Why did you specialise in jelly style shoes? What are the advantages to this style?

We chose jelly shoes because we believe there is a niche market for a quality jelly shoe at a fantastic price point. Also because jelly shoes are suited to our Australian lifestyle, our standard quote is “from the boat to the beach to the bar and bistro”.

What will be the most popular colours and style trends for Spring Summer?

The most popular colours we believe will be the vibrant green, pink and pale blue gelati style. Also the strong colours of the Holly will suit all the fashion colours this spring and summer.

You have a series called Gelati with neon green and pinks – with the current obsession for neon colour ways in fashion; do you see these being a popular SS style?

We have had an excellent response to our Gelati range and they will definitely fit right in with the neon colour ways prominent in this season’s fashion.

What is your most popular current style?

The most popular style for winter was the Chloe, Fleur and Katie (note these styles will be available in black in September) and already we are seeing strong sales in the style Wendy.

You have a Cinderella shoe that is clear with diamantes, tell us the story behind this shoe?

WHS_CINDERELLA_2Our Cinderella style came about when we were sourcing our designs. Purple is the prominent colour of our logo and we found the inner sole for this style first in purple with the floral design and we both wanted it to be in a clear purple ballet flat. The diamantes came next as we said a Cinderella shoe must sparkle. This shoe suits any age group who love a bit of sparkle.

 Is this your first time at Australian Shoe Fair? What are you hoping to gain by exhibiting?

This is our first time at the Australian Shoe Fair. We are very passionate about the label and we believe by exhibiting at the fair we will prove to all our existing buyers and prospective buyers that we are serious and here to stay. Also the fair should allow us to reach a broader range of buyers.

To view the Wendy & Holly range, register for the Australian Shoe Fair here.

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